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Natural Soap

the maker

It's been decades since we first started handcrafting our own formulations in our home kitchen and eventually transitioned to natural skincare & home products.


Our key visionary, Sadhna Rana, practicing herbalist making topical skin food. With her extreme interest in natural herbs she is always found tending her ever-growing collection for plants, edible greens and forged wildflowers & flowers.

An expert in this field she makes unique formulations of infused oils, home made essential oils and cold processed Soaps from scratch.


Founder Bhaviya Rana, who went for her higher education in Surface Design for Fashion London, started her graphic design studio by the name of MonocromStudio on July 2019. Eventually took up her interest forward in making a successful brand inspired from the nature and handcrafting every single piece of natural soaps & Candles.


Together, the duo of Mother & Daughter focuses on building this brand inspired from nature by handcrafting every single product.

'MONO' singular to it's form and unique in design, 'CROM' created with passion.

our collections

Our Collections may be considerably small, but this is because our formulations are made entirely from scratch, handcrafted and packaged from our humble studio.

We don't do this for artisanal/exclusive reasons, but rather our batches are made intentionally small as once herbal material is processed, they degrade considerably with each step in the formulation.

By keeping the numbers low, can keep to our promise that we are providing you a quality product that your skin will love.


We decoct our own herbal water

We sun dry and sun infuse our herbs

Essential oils are liquids which are extracted from plants parts such as leaves, flowerings, shrub, branches or bark that carry distinct scents (or flavours) of the plant from which it was extracted. Our blends are naturally sourced and concocted in-house. Unlike some, our blends are never factory-made or stocked.

Herb Infused Oils

Decoction is a method of extraction that involves first pulverizing the plant material to allow for maximum dissolution, and then boiling in water to dissolve desired chemical compounds for formulations. Once decocted, we use it immediately to avoid use of preservatives. Hence, all our waters are made in-house and in small batches.


In Soaps and Creams 80 % of our ingredients are natural, plant based in the form of oils, plant butters, essential oils and herbal water.  Upto 20% is in the form Milk, Ghee, yoghurt & buttermilk.

Our Candles are made with 100% vegan plant based wax. We don't use paraffin wax in our candles.

The Natural process ensures steady extraction of the herb's medicinal properties, allowing it to diffuse into the oils non- invasively over time. While this time may be slower, it produces a better infused oil. We sun dry and sun Infuse our herbs to get maximum benefit.

Flowers jewellery

Our resin casted natural earrings jewellery preserves the essence of nature. In our jewellery collections we have tried to use 50% of wild flowers which not only are unknown to us but also have medicinal properties. Since there is so much variety in the nature, the same is reflected in our collection.




As our products are made primarily with plant oils, they keep well without the use of preservatives. We don't use any chemicals for our Skin application products and candles.

Dog Dressed as Butterfly


Seems like this is redundant to mention but it's a common misconception that just because a company doesn't use animal products they are "cruelty-free". At our studio, all our products are made with natural ingredients and we would never test and/or harm animals ever.

Food Photography


Except for ethically coursed Buffalo Milk in our soap range, all our products are made with natural (plant based) and organic botanicals, plant oils, natural clays and salts. I don't think it is really necessary to use Lard, Tallow, Lanolin, Squalene, Carmine, Gelatin etc... which are obtained from animals and used in most commercial bars for reducing make cost....Our Studio practices includes creating best products using natural ingredients.

Small Bits of Plastic


Known as a potential skin irritant that dries out the skin due to it's squeaky clean chemical properties, it is mainly used in products as a sexy foaming agent, nothing more.

Brown Paper


We strive to use recyclable and/or compostable materials unless totally necessary (i.e spray dispenser and droppers). We are currently working towards also using 100% recycled boxing solutions, zero-waste shipping labels and mailers.

Natural Soap

No Artificial coloring

"Blue 2" is linked to tumors in mica, while "Yellow 6" is associated to adrenal glands and kidneys, then there's "Red 3", "Green 3", ...etc. Seriously, people? The earth provides plenty of natural shades from plant matter and clays that doesn't come with number codes. Our studio practices includes using 100% natural ingredients like turmeric, madder root powder, natural indigo, moringa and many more natural ingredients as colour enhancer for creating our products.

White Pills


Parabens are believed to disrupt hormone function by mimicking estrogen while Phthalates belongs to a family of industrial chemicals used to soften polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic. Both affect the reproductive system, liver, lungs and kidneys.

Glass Jars


We try our best to go above regular recycling habits considering plastic generates damaging results to the environment. We have adopted Glassware in most of our product range for sustainable reuse.

Fragrance Bottles

No Artificial fragrances

We only use 100% therapeutic essential oils. Why? 95% of chemicals used in synthetic fragrances are derived from crude petroleum oil which are known endocrine disruptors. They not only harm our bodies but pollute the earth too with their VOCs (volatile organic compounds). In our skin care product we use 100% essential oils and for our candles we use natural candle making fragrances or 100% essential oils for therapeutic candles.

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